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This is my review of my experiences using a Skycig electronic cigarette.

The first thing I should tell you is that it is extremely similar to using a real cigarette, not only does it look like a cigarette, it also feels like a cigarette in terms of its size and shape and how you hold it in your hand and use it, that is you put it in your mouth and suck like you would with a lit cigarette, and the Skycig detects this and creates the vapour.

Unlike with other ecigs there is no button to hold down or other thing you wouldn't do with a real cigarette, you draw on it and the vapour is created giving you a very realistic sensation.

The way that the Skycig looks and feels like a cigarette is very important if you're wanting to stop using tobacco, because you literally do not feel like you've stopped smoking, so there in no incentive to go back to smoking again.

One of the things I found when I was a smoker was that if I tried a different brand of cigarette I hated it.

Other brands made me cough and made my throat very sore, and I also didn't like the flavour, I think this is something that almost all smokers can identify with.

With electronic cigarettes though I strangely found myself enjoying all kinds of flavours, from fruits and coffe and alcoholic drink flavours being strangely pleasant, and then you can even get ice cream, toffee, and all kinds of other flavours.

It came as something of a surprise to me, I could never have imagined myself enjoying flavours like that before I tried them. I reccomend that you give all of the flavours a try, which you can do since you get a range of flavours when you order the starter kit.

The other thing to think about is the strength of nicotine cartridge that you order.

I went for the middle one even though I was a heavy smoker, I should probably have gone for the top strength, but even so a friend of mine who had beem a light smoker complained of having headaches when I gave him one of mine when he ran out (he'd been using the lowest dose), but I suspect that this is partly down to what you get used to.

Another great feature of the Skycig is that you get a charging case to put them in that you take out with you. It is about the same size as a cigarette packet (a bit larger with the new longer lasting batteries) but it means that when one Skycig runs out of charge you can screw it in and it will recharge while you are using the other one.

This means that you can charge them while you're out and about, so there is no risk of running out of battery power and needing to buy some real ones - eeek!

You can always buy extra batteries, and a charger that plugs into the USB port of your computer, so you can make sure that you will never run out when you're at the pub etc, which could be disastrous

Overall the Skycig is probably the most popular brand of electronic cigarette in the UK, and this is because it's probably the best out of all of the e-cigs on the market.

As an alternative to smoking it is very realistic and it is therefore very easy to stick to using it rather than going back to smoking.
You can get a discount code for the Skycig starter kit and future purchases of cartridges, etc by using the code given.

My suggestion is that if you want to quit smoking, want to cut the cost of smoking, or want to do something better for your health without climbing the walls in between, then the Skycig gets 10/10 on all fronts.

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